SPPGA Youth Activities

2016 SPPGA High Point Showmanship Winners

5 and under

Nathan Skillman-Shampoo

Pippa Kress-Shampoo

Cooper Kress-Shampoo

6-8 Years

1. Aiden Flood-Embroidered Lead bag, Show shine

2 .Josie Parker-Goat Block, shampoo,comb

3. Austin Ellebrecht-Mineral block with holder, Shampoo, comb

9-13 Year

1. Jessica Young-Embroidered Lead bag, show shine

2. Macy Skillman-Goat Block, shampoo,comb

3. Austin Flood-mineral block and holder,shampoo, comb

4. Kenzie Speers-Bucket, scoop, shampoo, comb

5. Kyle Hardesty-Bucket, scoop, shampoo, comb

6.  Michael Hardesty-Bucket, scoop, shampoo, comb

14-18 Years

1. Alyssa Parker-Embroidered Lead Bag, Show Shine

2. Emily Cook-Goat Block, Shampoo, comb

3. Jaylene Young-Minerial block and Shampoo, comb

Other participants will also receive Shampoo and combs:

Landon Speers, Jessica Sannar, Meghan Garren, Isa Gilbraith, Emma Gnech, McKenna Rogers


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