Click on the SPPGA Class dates calculator file.  Add the date for each show in both dark blue sections and the dates for each class with be calculated for your use. Save your file so you can reuse it the following year or each SPPGA show. Example: under Show#1 type in 3/28/15 click enter. Under show #2 type in 3/29/15 click enter. Click print and it will print on one page.

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Show Schedule

updated 10/11/2018


February 17-18, 2018 Cloverdale Citrus Fair
Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds
Cloverdale, CA
Youth Judge:  Elaine Krieg DVM
Sat Open Judge:  Elaine Krieg DVM
Sun Open Judge:  Jeff Smith

Contact: Tammi Josephson or
(707) 894-3992
Fax: (707) 894-9553


Fair Guidebook

Youth Entry
Open Entry


April 7-8, 2018 Spring Classic
Butte County Fairgrounds
Gridley, CA
Sat Judge:  Joyce Hubbard
Sun Judge:  Tim Norman

Contact: Lynn/Courtnie Braziel
(916) 682-1083
(916) 214-1253


Class Sheet

Entry Form


May 19-20, 2018 Gold Country Classic
Tehama District Fairgrounds
Red Bluff, CA
Sat Judge: Carol Shea-Hepner
Sun Judge: Michael Putman

Contact: Kevin Kress /Emily Schiffman
(707) 933-6755


May 26,  2018  Sacramento County Fair (Youth Show)
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA

Livestock Handbook 

Online Entry Form:

Judge:  Jennifer Lozoya
Contact: Fair Office (916) 263-2975 


June 20-24, 2018 Sonoma-Marin Fair (Youth Show)
Petaluma Fairgrounds
Petaluma, CA
Judge:  Jennifer Lozoya
Arrival  June 20 by 11am
Youth Show  June 21 @ 4pm
Release  June 24 @ 5pm

Contact: Mary Sanchez 707-283-0615

Livestock Handbook & Forms



June 30, 2018 Marin County Fair (Youth Show)
Marin Center
San Rafael, CA
Judge:  Dr. Elaine N. Krieg

Contact:  Tammi Josephson
(530) 515-5877



JULY 17-20, 2018 2018 California State Fair
   Sacramento, Ca

Wednesday July 18 @ 10am
Junior Show
Youth Judge:
  Jennifer Lozoya

   Open Shows:
Wednesday  July 18 @ 1pm CA Classic Show
 after Junior Show
Judge:  David Wortham

Thursday  July 19 @ 10am  Open Show
Judge:  Jill Conklin

Friday July 20 @ 10 am  SPPGA Show
Judge:  Josh Leidig

Release from Fairgrounds  @ 5 pm

Class sheet for SPPGA show
Entry Form for SPPGA show

Arrival Tues 17th - Show Wed, Thurs, Fri - released Fri 20th 5 PM

phone (916) 263-3149   fax (916) 263-7914 
Entries available online at

 Entry Form 


August 10-12, 2018 Sonoma County Fair
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
   Santa Rosa, Ca

Friday August 10 @ 7-9 am Arrival

Friday August 10 @ 3 pm Youth Show
Showmanship Ages 9 and up only

 Judge: Bryson Staley

Saturday August 11 @ 1 pm Open Show

Judge: Bryson Staley

Sunday August 12 @ 10am  BAPGC Wine Country Classic
Judge:  Skyler Shamp
Contact:  Jane Coneybeer

Sunday August 12 @ 7pm Release

Exhibitors Guidebook

  Contact Entry Office: 707-545-4203



Sept 29-30, 2018 Harvest Fair
Lassen County Fairgrounds
Susanville, CA

Sat Judge:  Joyce Boone Hubbard
Sun Judge:  Terry Heath

Contact: JT Struthers
(530) 310-4001

Show Bill

Class Sheet

Entry Form


 October 19, 2018 October Fall Fun Youth Show
5:30 pm
Tehama District Fairgrounds
Red Bluff, CA
Youth Judge: David Wortham

Youth Show Bill

Youth Entry

October 20-21, 2018 October  Goat-Tober-Fest
Tehama District Fairgrounds
Red Bluff, CA
Sat Judge: Doug Bragg
Sun Judge: Lisa Bragg

Contact: Tammi Josephson
(530) 347-5877
SPPGA Weanling Futurity will be held

Entry Form

Class Sheet


November 9, 2018 Youth Fall Frolic
5 pm
Butte County Fairgrounds
Gridley, CA
Judge: Elaine Krieg, DVM

Youth Class Sheet
Youth Entry Form

November 10-11, 2018 Fall Frolic
Butte County Fairgrounds
Gridley, CA
Sat Judge: Jennifer Lozoya
Sun Judge:  Jeff Smith

Contact: Lisa McClelland
(530) 263-6448

Class Sheet
Entry Form



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