2023 NPGA National Convention

2023 Judges Training Clinic events are brought to you by:

J T Struthers and Carol Hepner


Red Bluff, California

June 12th and 13th , 2023 

The name of the hands-on testing session for potential judges is the Judging Exam (JE). The JE will be held during the 2023 NPGA National Convention in Red Bluff, CA. Anyone who wants to learn more about how pygmy goats are judged may attend to observe and help handle goats. Candidates for judging licenses must (1) be NPGA members in good standing; (2)be at least 18 years old; and (3) be on time for and attend both days of the JE. All candidates to take the training and test classes at the JE at convention must pre-register with all fees paid with the current JTC chair on or before April 19, 2023.  A minimum number of 4 judge candidates must be met per the requirements set forth in 10.B.1 (Rules & Regs) in order to facilitate the clinic/exam. 


. • Practical Test $200 – Monday, June 12th– The day will start at 8:00 a.m. Registration for candidates and a brief explanation of the testing process.  The first test class for candidates will follow a  mini clinic presented by the Judges training committee. Breaks and lunch will be announced during the day. 

Practical Test Day Two – Tuesday, June 13th– The starting time for the rest of the test classes will be provided on the first day. Judging licenses will be presented to qualified candidates at the end of the testing process. 


The JE test classes are based on the information provided in the Judging Manual, Rules & Regs, Current Show Rules. The manual is available from NPGA Merchandising for $10 plus shipping charges. There is a merchandise order form at the back of this MEMO or you can order the handbook on the NPGA website at: http://www.npga-pygmy.com (Click “Shop NPGA" to get to the NPGA Merchandise website). 


        Practical Test for judge candidates $200 


For JE questions, contact the current Judges Training Committee Chairperson by phone number, email address, listed on NPGA website or in MEMO. Please contact JTC chair Carol Hepner by cell phone 815-325-5587 or email  pgoats98@gmail.com 

See the 2023 Convention ad in MEMO or on the NPGA website for information about accommodations or showground facilities.

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