Sierra Pacific Pygmy Goat Association

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At the January 2012 winter meeting, SPPGA adopted a policy on dogs at the SPPGA goat shows. There is a hold harmless agreement that all exhibitors sign and the following language about dogs will be added following the existing language and before the exhibitor's signature:

I further agree to keep all dogs on a leash outside the barn area and away from the goat pens and arena.

Please also advise friends that come to visit with you and watch the show about doing the same with their dogs. We all love our dogs but there is just something about goats and strange dogs that tends to cause many of the goats to be frightened.


          Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 SPPGA Scholarship:

Macy Skillman: 1st Place $250.00

Austin Flood: 2nd Place $150.00

Great job, Macy & Austin!

2024 SPPGA Officers :

PresidentCourtnie Braziel

(916) 214-1253

Vice President:  JT Struthers
(530) 310-4001

Treasurer: Adawna Purdie
(530) 941-0419 

Secretary: Krista Trone

                 (707) 498-2798


SPPGA Membership:

Monica Wilcox

( 707) 888-4642

SPPGA Youth Co-ordinator:

Jessica Emerson

(707) 498-6787

                                              SPPGA Webmaster

Monica Wilcox


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